Teeth Whitening, Searcy AR

Did you know that your smile is among the first things people notice about you? Why not stand out? Check out the different services we provide for our patients who long to achieve a winning smile! Here at Dr. Eichhorn’s office located in Searcy, AR we offer a couple of different options for teeth whitening. So whether you are getting your braces off, have a wedding coming up, or just want a whiter more brilliant smile, give us a call at (501)-268-5115 to discuss your options.


Avoiding stained teeth is nearly impossible considering one would have to avoid all soda, coffee, teas, sports drinks, berries, wine, tomato sauce, and a whole slew of other things, in order to keep their teeth sparkling white. Seeing as we all will end up eating and drinking things that stain our teeth, having an effective way to whiten them is something we can all benefit from. Another prime example of why people get their teeth whitened, is that it provides a more cost-efficient way to achieve the appearance of straighter, more attractive looking teeth. Not to mention, teeth whitening can take years off of your appearance and boost your confidence. So now we get to the question, do you need teeth whitening? Honestly, it comes down to a personal preference. You may be perfectly happy with the current shade of your teeth, or you may be one of those lucky ones whose teeth do not stain as easily. However, if you do find that your teeth are not a white as you would like, or you find yourself preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding, formal pictures, getting your braces off, or a prom, teeth whitening is an option you should consider!


This first option is our favorite and most commonly used option for our patients. We prefer this method because once your appointment is complete; you will leave our office up to 8 shades whiter than the tooth shade you arrived with! This is especially convenient for those who have a deadline or for those who want to achieve a dramatic look for a special event.

The way these results are achieved in so little time is by way of ZOOM Teeth Whitening. At this appointment, you will also receive your own bleach trays to take home with you for regular maintenance to keep your teeth nice and white (Because let’s be honest, how many of us are willing to give up coffee for good?).

The Process:
The process of getting your teeth whitened using this method is very simple. We begin by taking impressions of your teeth in order to make your trays to take home (Yes, your trays will be a perfect match to your teeth so that they don’t slide off or leak, contrary to drugstore teeth whitening options). Once we get your impressions we will block out your gums so that they do not get any whitening gel on them. Once your gums have been properly blocked out and the whitening gel has been applied, an ultraviolet light will be placed over your teeth for between 2 and 4 sessions at 15 minutes per session (some, especially younger, people cannot handle more than 2 or 3 sessions).

Once you have decided to get your teeth whitened, give us a call at (501)-268-5115. We will be happy to find an appointment to suit your schedule. Most times, we recommend making your first appointment for a consultation, as not everyone is a prime candidate for this teeth whitening method. If your schedule does not easily allow for making more than one appointment, we will be happy to make an evaluation and go over any concerns you have in a single appointment. Our desire is that you are comfortable and understand the process of getting your teeth whitened before we begin the treatment.

NOTE: we also recommend that you have had your teeth cleaning within the last 6 months before you have your teeth whitened. This is because any plaque or tartar that remains on your teeth during the teeth whitening treatment could prevent optimal whitening results.

This option is also great for those who want a whiter smile. With this option, instead of having us whiten your teeth for you, we will make you a set of trays and give you whitening gel to take home so you can whiten them on your own. As a general rule, you can achieve almost the same results as the preferred option, but it is more time consuming, and we’ve found that, due to prolonged sensitivity and having to avoid certain foods (see How to Care for your teeth after getting them whitened section), you may never achieve quite the results you would get from having us professionally whiten them for you. Never the less, this option can be great for those that do not have the time to let us do it or a more cost-efficient option.

We often receive questions regarding whether drug store teeth whitening options are just as effective as our own. In short, no. They are not nearly as effective. There are a few reasons for this conclusion: the first being that drugstore products are made “one size fits all”. This is a problem because it can cause your teeth to whiten unevenly, or worse, to even completely miss a spot. On that note, they also tend to leak, leaving a bad taste and the unavoidable indigestion of the gel. We have also found that they do not produce nearly the same results, nor will these results last as long.


Once you have gotten your teeth professionally whitened by us, or you have started using your teeth whitening at home, it is common for your teeth to become sensitive to anything cold. In this event, you can use the sensitive gel that came in your take-home kit to help relieve the sensitivity, or we can provide you with some sensitivity strips to place on your teeth. You should be aware that your teeth will be extra susceptible to becoming stained with certain drinks and food. Basically, anything that could stain a white t-shirt should be limited to three days following a teeth whitening session. We understand that many absolutely cannot stay away from their coffee and/or sweet tea/soft drinks, and so, we recommend using a straw and avoiding swishing the liquid around before swallowing. Lastly, smoking can seriously reduce the time in which your teeth will stay white. These steps will help minimize any negative effect they could potentially have on your newly whitened teeth.