Clear Braces, Searcy AR

Do you have crooked teeth? Rather not spend months or years in braces? Here at Dr. Eichhorn’s office, we offer an alternative to braces that is very similar to Invisalign called Star Aligners. If you have ever wondered if clear aligners work as well as braces, they do! And we actually prefer them. Call us at 501-268-5115 to schedule an appointment to find out if you will be a good candidate for Star Aligners.


Star Aligners are similar to Invisalign (see above picture). They are essentially clear, thin, mouth guards made to fit over your natural teeth. These clear aligners are made off of models of your teeth but have had small adjustments made to them so that when you wear them, they will put slight pressure on the teeth that need to be straightened. Most people will require 1 to 4 aligners to fully straighten their teeth.


  • In order to make sure that you will be a good candidate for star aligners, we will take an impression of your teeth to send to our lab. The lab will then decide if you are a good candidate, and how many aligners you will need to achieve fully straightened teeth.

  • It is not uncommon to require additional appliance prior to being prescribed star aligners. These options will be provided by our lab and will in turn be discussed with you prior to beginning treatment.
  • Once you have been approved, and we have received the aligners back from the lab, we will give you the first aligner that you will wear for 2 or more weeks. These clear aligners are intended to be worn for 20 or more hours a day.

  • At the two week mark of wearing the first aligner, Dr. Eichhorn will evaluate the progress in the movement of your teeth. If the teeth have progressed enough, you will move on to the next aligner. This process will continue until you have completed your final aligner. The final aligner you received will be used as a retainer to keep the teeth from moving.